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NeuroGenomeX, Inc. Announces Its Acceptance into NIH's BrIDGs Program

March 2010, Madison, WI -- NeuroGenomeX, Inc, a bio-pharmaceutical company developing treatments for epilepsy and related neurological diseases, announced today that the Company's lead anti-epilepsy compound, 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG) has been accepted into the National Institutes of Health's BrIDGs (Bridging Interventional Development Gaps) program for the pre-clinical development of 2DG for the treatment of refractory epilepsy. NeuroGenomeX, in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Sutula at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Nathan Fountain at the University of Virginia, is developing 2DG as an anti-epilepsy agent. The BrIDGs program provides financial and project management support for the GLP-toxicology studies and GMP-manufacturing of API for drugs being developed by academic-industry collaborations.

"We are excited to have been selected from many worthy candidate programs. Acceptance into the BrIDGs program allows us to advance the pre-clinical development more efficiently than we could otherwise have done. We also will benefit considerably from the drug development expertise of the NIH staff at the BrIDGs program," said Jacqueline Doeler, President of NeuroGenomeX. "In pre-clinical models of epilepsy, 2DG has been demonstrated to be an effective inhibitor of epilepsy, and by a completely different mechanism of action compared to existing anti-epilepsy drugs.

Drs. Sutula and Fountain anticipate beginning the Phase Ib trial of 2DG in patients with intractable epilepsy in 2014.

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